There are many benefits to having a family doctor, and we know the value of long-lasting patient-doctor relationships. We will take the time to serve you and your family and can help you find the proper specialists, treatments, and more should you require a service we cannot provide. Our goal is to empower our patients through collaborative care!

Our staff provides a wide range of services all under one roof so that you can get the quality care your family deserves in a simple and efficient manner. We are equipped to handle patients of all ages and can help you, and your loved ones stay healthy.

Dr. Osowa and the rest of the Buford Family Practice team is trained and prepared to provide comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families of all ages and sexes. Call our offices today to schedule your consultation!


Our focus is on prevention and can provide immunizations for infants and youngsters. We also offer vision and hearing testing, school sport and camp physicals and acute care for childhood illnesses and injuries.


We understand that adolescents differ from young children and adults, and our team makes every effort to listen to the teen as well as their parents.  We realize that both opinions are valuable in their unique relationship.

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